BNR Content for Joomla

How many times have you wanted to put part of your article content in a module position instead of the main content area? The layout possibilities are endless if you are not constrained by having all of the article content stuck in one place! Until now, the only way to really position article content outside of the component area was to use CSS position hacks that were unreliable and not very easy to use.

Now there is a simple solution. After the great success of BNR Content for K2, it made sense to create a similar module for Joomla com_content. Now standard Joomla users can enjoy the power and flexibility of putting article content in module positions too! With BNR Content for Joomla, you can select any part or parts of an article and place them in a module position. BNR Content for Joomla uses unique module IDs so you can put multiple modules on the page, giving you the ability to create complex layouts without having to use hacks to make it work! Now you can put the article image in one column and the author and date information in another! The possibilities are endless!

See BNR Content for Joomla is action on this demo page.

This is a commercial extension. In order to download the extension and updates you must be a current subscriber.

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